Childbirth Preparation Courses in English

This fun, informative and interactive 12 hour course taught by our fantastic duo midwife and doula team will help you prepare, make informed choices and feel confident about the birth of your baby and the early weeks after.

Our unique combination of medical, psychological and practical knowledge provides a complete birth preparation package for you and your partner. Between us we have in-depth local experience of all of the hospitals and birthing centres across The Hague, Leiden, Zoetermeer, Delft, Rotterdam and surrounding areas, and so are ideally placed to help you consider your choice of where to give birth.

We know that pregnant couples giving birth away from their home country have a lot of questions about giving birth in Holland, and are often far from friends and family. Our courses are a wonderful mix of couples from all over the world and will give you a really good opportunity to get to know other parents-to-be in the area.  Together, you will be able to discuss and learn from each other and our experienced course leaders about the joys and difficulties of becoming a new family far from home.

The course costs €295 per couple, which may be covered by your health insurance.

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Day 1: Labour, Birth & Hormones
  • Understand how the Dutch system works
  • Understand the physiological process of birth
  • Feel confident that you have tools that will help the normal birth process along
  • Understand how hormones can be your friend in labour
  • Feel comfortable with a range of positions you can use during labour
  • Have identified your fears and learnt how to reduce your anxiety about and during birth
  • Have learnt some massage tools for the partner to use during labour
  • Have tips on how to optimize the golden 1st hour of your baby’s life
  • Be able to start writing a birth plan
Day 2: Optimizing birth no matter what happens
  • Know when to go to the hospital.
  • Know your options for a range of coping strategies and medical pain relief
  • Know how to reduce stress during labour
  • Have identified and practiced your preferred breathing techniques
  • Are informed about the various interventions that can be offered during birth and what to expect when they are necessary
  • Feel equipped to understand and converse with your care provider about decisions that need to be made
  • Have acquired tools the birth partner can use to support their partner through labour or a cesarean birth
  • Understand when a cesarean birth for your baby might be medically indicated
  • Have tips on how to optimize bonding and breastfeeding when a c-section is necessary
  • Understand how induction works and how to optimize labour when induction is necessary.

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