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“Just imagine your partner and you having all the support you need through your whole birthing experience. From the moment you decide you want it to when you are settled and enjoying having your new baby in your arms.”

The Doula phenomenon is growing organically across the world, as more and more couples experience birth with doula support as a wonderful way to start new life as a family. There is now a strong body of research that backs up the word-of-mouth about Doula’s – click here for details of this research.

A Doula is a non-medical birth professional, who provides physical, emotional and informational support at home and/or in the hospital, before, during and after birth, for a memorable and positive birthing experience.

What does a doula do?

A Doula will help you, over two or more sessions, to think through your options and preferences and help you prepare for your birth in the weeks beforehand. She will then go on call from 37 weeks on and come to you whenever you go into labour. She will stay with you for as long as you need her, throughout the birth and afterwards to support you until you are settled with your newborn. She will then also visit you postnatally at home to process the birth with you.



Our Birth in Holland Doula’s:


“After following ‘The Confident Birth Course’ with Sophie I felt inspired to have a natural birth. As the due date was approaching, both my partner and I felt that having a doula by our side during labour would make it easier and enrich the process.

We are so happy that we made that choice! Sophie was very encouraging and supportive during the labour and always seemed to know exactly the right moment to say and do the right thing. Her support helped to make our birthing experience a great and positive memory and her amazing birth photography was a real gift”

Billa and Rick Harshe

“Thanks for supporting us through this amazing process. We appreciated having your support and help in the decisions that we made, and especially appreciated your willingness to help us navigate through a birth that we knew couldn’t be ‘natural.’ It was great to find a Doula who was there for us when that meant we would be having the full hospital experience. Thank you for not judging us and respecting our wishes for the birth”

Kate and David

Sophie is a passionate doula and has supported well over 100 international families giving birth in the Netherlands. Being British herself and having given birth to her three children in both Holland and the USA she knows the challenges expat/international families face when giving birth in a different country. Sophie loves the diversity of supporting cross cultural couples and it is her desire to make sure they have a supported and memorable birthing experience and the best start for their family. Sophie has a calm and supportive presence. She also has a passion for documenting birth and you can see her wonderful birth photography on her site.

Farola has been a doula for 6 years and supports her clients with a passion. She is a Dutch mother of three and has worked closely with the international community throughout her life. She has a gentle manor and brings a unique mix of training and experience to her doula work. Farola loves to prepare couples for birth so that they feel an  enhanced sense of self esteem after welcoming their child together and so they can be a better team as they face the challenges of early parenthood together. Farola is a qualified pregnancy-yoga instructor and weaves those practices into her preparation sessions.